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New 5050 RGB SMD SK6822 LED CHIP

Update Time : 2015-12-18 View : 889

Good news ,  SK6822 LED chip come out , which different between SK6822 and SK6812 LED ?Now let me talk this below

SK6822 LED is a new led chip , it is SK6822 only have RGB led chip , this chip is special SPI signal ,where is special signal .

where is special , when some chip is broken , it will not affect another led working ,they can still working correctly . so it is very very good  ,then it can solve the normal spi signal problem which one led signal have problem  , sometimes will affect another working . i think they will be more and more popular , ,we have develop some led strip for it . the datasheet of it is on the following .

SK6822 LED CHIP Datasheet

For SK6812, as we know ,SK6812 seires have SK6812 RGB LED , SK6812 RGBW LED , SK6812 RGBY LED , SK6812 WWA LED , SK6812 White led , Currenty For SK6822, we only have rgb. but we will try to develop another soon .

SK6812 and SK6822 LED is only have have Data signal , don't have clock signal , Nowadays only APA102 LED  have data and clock signal .

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