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SK6812 LED Seires items

Update Time : 2015-12-14 View : 939

Nowadays ,we have develop a new IC , it is SK6812, We use this IC on many different pacakge led chip , then we made ,SK6812 LED ,

Such as SK6812 RGB LED , SK6812 RGBW LED , SK6812 RGBY LED , SK6812 White led ,SK6812 WWA LED ,and so on .

For SK6812 RGB LED ,It is use 5050 rgb led chip to be the light source , this chip can be compatible with ws2812b and APA104 LED.

For , SK6812 RGBW LED , It is use 5050 rgbw led chip (4 in one) to be the light source , and this is RGBW,RGBW,RGBW for to the edit the

program .

For SK6812 RGBY LED , IT is use 5050 RGBY LED Chip (4 in one) to be the light source ,

For SK6812 WWA led chip , it is use 5050 WWA LED CHIP , WHAT IS WWA,it is one 5050 led ,have warm white , white , amber chip in side. so it can mix different white color .

Now, we have use those led chip to make different quantity led strip . Nowadays ,we have 30,32, 60, 72 144leds pcb for them .

and we have black and white pcb . in addition ,we have different controller for control them .

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