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  • LED Chip
    Hot-sale addressable smd leds with addressable IC LC8802,LC8803,LC8804,LC8805,LC8806,LC8808,LC8809,LC8810,LC8811,LC8812,LC8813,LC8814,LC8815,LC8816,LC8818,LC8819LC8820,LC8822,LC8823,LC8824,LC8825,LC8826,LC8828,LC8829,LC8830,LC8832,LC8833,LC8834,LC8835,LC8836, ect.
  • Addressale LED Strip
    Hot-sale addressable led strips with addressable IC type LC8823, LC8822, LC8826, LC8808, LC8806, SK9822, SK6812, WS2813, WS2812B, WS2811, UCS1903, WS2801, UCS2904, DMX512, LPD8806, LPD6803, UCS9812, ect. These addresable led strips be widely used for home, hotels, clubs, shopping malls, building decoration with magic lighting effect to light up your life.
  • Normal LED Strip
    Widely used normal led strips with SMD LEDs:  5 in 1 SMD5050 LED, 4 in 1 5050RGBW /RGBY LED, 5050RGB LED, 5050 Dual Color LED, 5050 Red/Green/Blue/White/Yellow/Pink/Purple LED, SMD 2835/SMD 5630 High lumens LED, SMD 3528, SMD 3014/ SMD 335/ SMD 020 Side View LED, SMD 3527 dual color LED, CCT adjustable LEDs. You will find the one you want with best offer.
  • LED Pixel Module
    Each led module with IC programmable for different light effect to meet your demands. APA102, SK98122, SK6812, WS2811, WS2801, LPD8806, UCS2904, UCS1903 IC addresable with single color/rgb/rgbw leds for your choice. Besides, the controller systom T-1000s, T-4000s, T-8000A, K-1000D, K-8000D, T-300k, T-500K, Madrix, Artnet, ect.
  • Pixel LED Ring
  • LED Panel
  • LED Control System
  • 36V Led Strip
  • COB series Led Strip
  • Neon Flex Led Strip
  • LED Full Set
    • 2024-07-02
      New Dam COB LED Strip
      Our latest new technology - New Dam COB Digital RGB LED Strip
    • 2024-07-02
      New Product DC12V Digital RGBW LC8816E LED Strip
      Our company recently launched a new product DC12V Digital RGBW LC8816E L
    • 2024-03-13
      2024 Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition
      2024 Frankfurt International Lighting Exhibition was successfully compl
    • 2024-02-24
      Better shenzhen led color co.,ltd in 2024!
      Wish all our customers a happy New Year in 2024! In the New Year, we ha
    • 2024-02-22
      The 31st Polish International Lighting and Equipment Exhibition
      The 31st Polish International Lighting and Equipment Exhibition was successfu
    • 2024-02-22
      Middle East Dubai Urban Architectural Lighting Exhibition 2024
      2024 Middle East Dubai Urban Architectural Lighting Exhibition was succe
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