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  • Addressale LED Strip
    We have manufacture Normal led strip (5050,3528,2835,5730 ...... ) and Smart led strip ,(APA102,APA104,WS2812B,SK6812,LPD8806,WS2801, WS2811,UCS2912...... ). Those led strip is widely used Widely used for home ,hotels,clubs, shopping malls building decoration Eeay to install and waterproof can be IP20 ,IP65,IP67,IP6
  • Normal LED Strips
    WS2811,WS2801, LPD8806,DMX LED pixel and Module , can be programable individual controlled can IP67, Water-proof protection Easy installation
  • LED Pixel Module
    Controller for our led strip and led pixel module , some led controller can be programmable and have SD card , Support SPI signal and DMX signal . widely use in current LED market .
  • LED Panel
  • LED Chip
  • LED Control System
    • 2017-08-17
      addressable PVC/silicone tube neon light
      Recently we make some addressable PVC tube neon light and addressable si
    • 2017-08-01
      24V 5050RGBY+2835WW+2835W Dimmable LED Strip
      Recently we made a new 24V 5050 SMD RGBY + 2835WW + 2835W LED Strip, using th
    • 2017-05-27
      High lumens SMD5630 DMX LED Strips
      For High Lumens LED Strips, many Clients like to choose SMD5630 LED to be as
    • 2017-05-27
      SK6822 vs WS2813 RGB LEDs
      As we know SK6822 RGB LED and WS2813 RGB LED are both dual signal RGB LED wit
    • 2017-05-27
      SMD020 RGB Side View LED Strip
      Usually we see side view or side emitting led strip is single color on the ma
    • 2017-05-27
      24V DMX 5050 RGBW LED strip
      Nowadays more and more clients like to use DMX products for big project, espe
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