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12V LC8808 rgb led breakpoint continue transmit

The LC8808 is a three-channel LED driver IC driven by a 12V power supply with high-precision constant-current output and integrated MCU digital connections. Circuits such as ports, data latches, and drivers. he peripheral gray C control realizes the individual gray scale and cascade control of the chip to realize outdoor large.

The color dot matrix illumination control of the screen. The product has excellent performance and reliable quality.


High voltage CMOS process, 12V single point single control
Output constant current value absolute accuracy ± 2%, RGB relative accuracy ± 1%
High efficiency, low power consumption, long transmission distance without discoloration
The default output constant current value is 9mA, suitable for built-in lamp beads
The default power-on does not light up.
Gray scale adjustment circuit (256 levels of grayscale adjustable)
Single-line serial cascading interface (DIN.DOUT)
Built-in high precision and high stability oscillator
Data shaping: automatically receive subsequent data shaping output after receiving the unit data
Data transmission rate 800 Kbps

  • Our 12V LC8808 RGB LED, it has the same breakpoint continuously transmit fuction with dual signal WS2813 LED.

    LC8808 LED is individual control  1 LED 1 IC 1 pixel, and 12v can be cut by each pixel.

    Beside, LC8808 is dual signal /double singal, it means that if there is any one break, other leds still can work well.

    The signal will be terminated only if two adjacent ones are broken at the same time.

    and now for 12V built-in IC LC8808 led strip, 30LED/M, 60LED/M available.

    LC8808B RGB LED 12V datasheet

  • upload/202003/LC8808B RGB LED 12V.pdf
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