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6X12mm 2835 Pure Neon Led Strip

2835 flexible light belt is a LED electronic luminescent product which adopts FPCB as the main carrier and adopts patch LED lamp and electronic components as the load. The lamp belt has strong changeable ability and high flexibility in engineering use. Can do all kinds of complex pattern lighting, theme outline hook

Neon tube size: 6X12mm, using milky white neon casing, fire-resistant and waterproof, 3 years unchanged yellow

  • Product Name: 6X12mm 2835 monochrome neon tube light strip

    Product model: LC-2835X120XM8W-12V

    Number of lights: 120/240 optional

    Power: 9.6W

    Voltage: DC12V

    Color: Red/green/blue/Yellow/white light (1800K-10000K)

    Display finger: 80-90/90-95/>95 Optional

    Neon Tube Size: 6X12mm

  • upload/202302/120leds 10mm 2835 led strip.pdf
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