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SK6812/LC8812B 3535 Digital LED Strip

Color:Digital RGB

LED Quantity: 30/60/144 leds per meter

Size: 5000*8*2.5(mm)

Lighting Source: SK6812 3535 Mini LED

View angle:120°

Working Input Voltage: DC5V

Drive Mode: Constant Voltage

Also can be SK6812 3535 30led/m,SK6812 3535 60led/m

  • SK6812 3535 Digital LED Strip

    SK6812 3535 digital led strips is using the sk6812 mini 3535 rgb leds as the lighting source,the pcb for the strips can be much narrow,30led/m and 60led/m is just 5mm width pcb,the 144led/m is 8mm width.

    • IC Type: SK6812 Built-in IC
    • LED Type:High Brightness SK6812 3535 SMD LED,
    • LED Qty :144 LED/m,
    • IC Qty: 144IC/m,
    • 144 Pixels per meter,
    • 16.4 ft / 5m Reel,
    • Current:each chip is 20mA,60mA/LED,0.3W Max Power/led,
    • 1 Pixel Per 5050 High Quality RGB LED,
    • Viewing angle:120 degree,
    • Gray Scale:256.

    • PCB:4 ounce thickness board,2 ounce copper wire inside,white or black PCB
    • 3 cables:Black :GND,Green :DATA,Red :+5V.

    • Dimension:

    • 5000*8*2.5mm (non-waterproof),

    • 5000*8*3mm (IP65 waterproof),

    • 5000*10*3.5mm (IP67/68 waterproof),

    • Waterproof IP grade:IP20 Non-waterproof with 3M sticker on the back,
    • IP65 waterproof is silicone gel on the surface,
    • IP67: silicone tube,
    • IP68: silcone gel(or epoxy) inside silicone tube.


    • Each led individual controlled,every led cutable.
    • Operating Voltage 5 Voltage DC.
    • SPI signal control system, DVI video control system,DMX console controllable.
    • Madrix Software available (work with some special controllers).
    • High intensity video screen,video wall,water running effect,breathing effect,color chasing,etc.

    Connecting Diagram:

    SK6812 3535 Mini LED Strip also can be SK6812 3535 30led/m,SK6812 3535 60led/m,SK6812 3535 72led/m.

  • upload/202210/144LEDS LC8812B LED Strip.pdf
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