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APA102 2020 RGB LED Chip

APA102-2020 SMD LED


IC type:APA102

Emitting Color:Digital RGB

  • APA102-2020 SMD LED is a new type of APA102 integrated led for three channels RGB color emitting.

    It has very little size with 2.0mm*2.0*0.74mm,which has much more advantage for the smaller than 5050 led with 5.0*5.0mm.
    and many new applications will be available for the tiny size.
    apa102 2020 also use the APA102 as the driver IC to control the color dimming.
    Also high brightness too,for each apa102-2020 led is 0.1~0.3W.
    It can be widely used in apa102 2020 digital rgb led strips,apa102 2020 dotstar,also apa102 led pixels,and the full color led display.

  • upload/201604/APA102-2020 SMD LED.pdf
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