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DC12V 60led WS2811/LC8806 Digital LED Strip
Non built-in IC WS2811/LC8806 led strip has stable quality and widely used over world. For Non built-in IC WS2811 led strip, it can work with DC5V or DC12V. We have 30/48/60leds per meter dream color led strip for your choice. The led strip with 5 voltage can achieve one IC one led individual control. The led strip with 12 voltage, each 3 leds a pixel.
  • DC12V 60led WS2811 Digital LED Strip

    LED Type: SMD 5050

    Color: RGB

    LED Quantity: 30/48/60/72leds/Meter

    Pixel: 20 pixels/Meter

    IC Type: ws2811

    IC Quantity: 20ICs/M

    Gray Scale: 256

    View angle:120°

    Working Input Voltage: 12V

    Drive Mode: Contant Voltage

    Output power: 15W /Meter

    Working Tempreture:-20° to 60°

    3 cables: DC+, DAT, GND


    5000*10*2.5mm (non-waterproof),

    5000*10*4mm (IP65 waterproof),

    5000*12*4mm (IP67 waterproof).

    Waterproof Rate:

    IP20: Non-waterproof with 3M sticker on the back,

    IP65: waterproof is silicone gel or epoxy on the surfacewith 3M sticker on the back,

    I67: silicone tube

    More chioices:

    LED Qty:30/32/48/60 leds per m,

    IP2065/67 waterproof:

    The LEDs also can be triangle arranged

    Connection Diagram:

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