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2835 Constant Current LED Strip

Update Time : 2016-04-26 View : 1145

DC24V 2835 Constant Current LED Strip

DC24V 2835 constant current led strip is our new development  LED flexible led strip lights .

The dc24v 60 leds per m cc led strips, each group have the constant current IC (constant current transistor), to ensure that the current of each section of the strips is consistency, reduce voltage drop, constant current strips can be well maintained the color consistency.

Also the length of the cc strip can be much longer (22m length with only one side supply power) than normal low voltage dc led strips.

Convenient to use, can directly share the constant voltage power supply with a common power supply and general low-voltage constant voltage led lights.
Can effectively reduce the power wire, easy installation, while the constant current low voltage strip is safer,more reliable, can replace the high-pressure lights.

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