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5050 smd RGBW LED Chip strip

Update Time : 2015-02-15 View : 2136

Nowadays, our company have design a new led chip , which have 4 chip inside 5050 smd , it is RGBW LED CHIP , there are Red, Blue ,Green , White/Warm White Chip inside , it is a new led chip , new technology , then the MIX color can be more different , the color can be more beautiful.

By the way , we also have develop RGBW LED CHIP addressable led strip ,they are 60leds 20ics , they can be UCS9812,  UCS2912 LPD1882   LPD6812 and so on .  about the parameter of those led chip .

Also the 4ch integrated RGBW 4in1 individual addressable rgbw leds and led strip--SK6812 RGBW LED Strip,

it can be 30/60/72/144 led per m.

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